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Thankful for …

The circle of women I was born into.

SuMoJo adventures.

People I love in my house — Dad and Megan.

Hanging out with people I love: Jim, John, Mom, Janet, Cierra, Jimmy.

Ryan, who loves to make goofy faces!

Giggling Kayla about to blow out birthday candles.

Shep, who feels like home.

and you!


Full Moon Dreamboard

I spent a delightful afternoon with Jamie and other full moon dreamers, doing a Full Moon Dreamboard for the full moon tonight.

It was time to let intuition guide the way, and here’s what it said:

Play , play, play and more play. Look at  that strong woman in blue with a pink umbrella — she’s got it all going on. Look at those kids playing. Look at the fire, the spices, the yoga girl and dog.

It was so much fun. Next time Jamie offers it, jump on it!

Circe’s Circle Magic

The creative coaching group I joined in September is helping shift in profound ways toward a life with more play, creativity and authenticity. What an amazing gift in my life!

I created Dream Sessions for myself, in which I met myself each day for a week in my studio and journaled, made art, daydreamed, visualized about my project.

Now it’s time for Manifestation Sessions. And All the while practicing owning the yumminess of it all (more on this later).

Meanwhile, check out:

My friend Amy’s site. I wish I could visit her in Scotland.

This podcast. I love to listen to these two fill me in on what I missed while I was boy-crazy in school.

This movie. Quirky with a sweetheart of an ending. I’m such a sucka for them.

Photo: My necklace bars. Available in my etsy shop. Perfect gift for your bejeweled girlfriends. Click on the top photo in my sidebar to get it.


Owning the Yummy

Trust that still, small voice that says, “This might work and I’ll try it.”

– Diane Mariechild

Local Color




Book Love & Gratitude

One of the things I love most is having a big pile of books waiting to be read at home.

Latley, I’ve been hearing about great books on Circe’s Circle, bloggers, and my mom and sister. I’ve been arriving home each day to find a new book at my door. I am so grateful … to have the money to buy books, to have great people in my life who love to read and share books and kick-ass glasses to help me read.

Here’s what I’m going to stick my nose in:

My sister and I are going to read the above together, and follow along on Brene Brown’s read-along.

This is my sister’s, who gave it to my Mom to read first and then to me. I’m half-way through, and Kathryn, the author, tells a great story.

My Necklace Bars on Etsy

30 Days of Yoga

The Yoga & Art Circle

Can you come out and play with me?

Can you come out and play?

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