Garden Love

There is so much on my  mind.

  • Surgery next week.
  • Not being able to breathe yesterday while I was walking on the beach.
  • Worries about my clients and my zero income while I am recovering.
  • Growing facial hair, gaining weight and turning into a crabby bitch if I need to take Prednisone to give my lungs some help to breathe.
  • Swampboy being overwhelmed with taking care of me.

I’m not a worrier by nature. I’ve faced many hard things already in my life that I know I can get through most anything.

So when I noticed my  thoughts racing this morning in bed, I threw on some clothes and shifted my focus to the life I’m nurturing right now in my garden.


It’s my first year growing nasturtiums, which have always delighted me.


The leaves look like saucers reaching up to the sky, and the flowers feel like summer kisses.



I’m devastated by the velvety texture of the purple petunias by my front door.


I planted peppers, tomatoes and green beans at the beginning of June. My deer herd got to the peppers and tomatoes before I could spray Deer-Out. They don’t have a taste for the beans, however.


Today I picked my first crop. They taste like heaven itself.


1 Response to “Garden Love”

  1. 1 Aunt Sue July 18, 2009 at 11:52 pm

    well, yes, there is all of that, but we do what we can, and then face it and get it behind us. Don’t think about Wednesday….but about Thursday and how you will start the road to recovery. XXXOOOXXX

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