Jazz Fest

Yesterday I got an e-mail in my inbox:

“2008 New Orleans Jazz Fest Musician Scheduled Announced”

My heart skipped a beat and I started to smell the bayou in my little office in New Jersey. Although I had a client in the waiting room, I went right to the website to check it out.

Elvis Costello, The Bad Plus, Zigaboo Modeliste, Creole Zydeco Farmers, Stevie Wonder, Deacon John, CJ Chenier, Steel Pulse, Terence Blanchard, Abigail Washburn, Diana Krall, Bela Fleck … Wooo HOOO !!!!!!!!!

I called Swampboy and practically screamed in his unsuspecting ears. I then hung up and tried to ignore the bayou smell and the sound of Zydeco music while concentrating on my client’s relationship issues.


I am one of those people who are sensitive to surroundings. I either feel good or bad … there’s no in-between. And I feel it immediately. When I feel bad in a certain place, I’ll have no peace in mind or body until I get away.

Take San Francisco. I had always wanted to visit. When I finally went a few years ago, I felt disoriented, crabby, tired. And no … I was not getting my period.

Before I met Swampboy, New Orleans was not on my radar. He wanted to go for the infamous Jazz Fest, so we went. Everything about it felt good, and, except for last year, we’ve been going every year since.

What places make you feel good?


4 Responses to “Jazz Fest”

  1. 1 Jamie January 29, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    When I went to BC to visit my sister, we did some touring around and came to this place called Porteau Cove. All I experienced of it was the place you stop at the side of the road and walk out onto a pier. It was grey, misty, serene. We saw an otter taking a leisurely swim. Time just seemed to slow down and everything felt perfect.

  2. 2 susan January 31, 2008 at 3:19 am

    holy crap i wanna go! me o my o. elvis. it’s been 19 years since i have been and this would be JUST the reason to get out of dodge and go.
    oh what a tease you are.
    are you going again? me? us? we are going to germany this summer again to celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss of r’s parents. they make me feel good there and i love their city.
    cape cod has much the same effect. and my back garden in mid august at night.

  3. 3 susanna January 31, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    Cool! That does sound like an amazing festival and I can just imagine you and Swampboy chilling out to the music with a – I’m trying to think of a N’awlins drink but can only come up with mint julep – in your hands.

    One place that makes me feel good is at my husband’s parents’ place (the cottage) up in Canada. So many happy memories were made there. Swimming in the lake, napping in the “love shack”, going on little roadtrips down neighboring dirt roads, stopping for an icecream at a local village’s grocery store…sigh…happiness…

  4. 4 Mary-Laure February 2, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    That picture is absolutely wonderful. Just looking at its colors makes me feel good!

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